A retreat for deeper wellness & fierce clarity

A retreat for your deeper wellness & fierce clarity

Led by Sarah Davies De Paola & Elizabeth Rankich

October 25-27, 2019

Samsø, Denmark


YOur retreat experience

Come home to yourself this October

Breathing in the salt-laced air of Samsø Island in Denmark you’ll welcome yourself home to your true self and desires & breathe out all that is not you.

Together with like-minded women from across Europe, spend three days away from your regular routine, embracing the chance to nourish your mind, body & soul.

It’s your time to tune in to your heart & listen deeply.

Looking for a retreat to nourish your spiritual, creative & entrepreneurial side? Want to raise your personal energy & show up with more joy in life?


this retreat is for you if you crave

Deep inspiration, connection, alignment & balance

Deeply inspired & connected: The intimate space of our retreat allows you to share deeply what’s in your heart, make friendships to last a lifetime & gain clarity on what’s important to you. Workshops, rituals & ceremonies support you on this journey of new healthy patterns.

In alignment & balanced: You will leave Samsø Island feeling at peace & at home in your body. Group breathwork, yoga nidra & sound meditation sessions create a safe space for touching base with your deepest emotions, intuition & desires. You will have these new tools for life. You can use them at any time to maintain & return to this balance.


Sound healing: primal + deeply relaxing


sweet dreams: A good night’s rest


breathwork: an active HEALING meditation


Fire ritual: release + new intentions


feel at home: our magical space


essential oils: plant love + self healing


deep reflection + powerful insights


We’re all on a journey, let’s walk this path whole-heartedly together.


Ready for three transformative days of breathwork, sound therapy & yoga nidra?


What you can expect

The tools to be your own healer & create an inspired life

Over the course of three days, immerse yourself in a variety of holistic healing practices & value-defining exercises.

Allow breathwork, sound healing & yoga nidra to take you deeper into personal & spiritual development.

Immerse yourself in dinner circles, story-rewriting workshops & the healing power of community.

Relax, rejuvenate & re-emerge among a group of like-minded, creative & caring women. A community who will hold you to account for the promises you make to yourself this October.

friday - arrive, breathe, connect

  • Return to yourself - Afternoon welcoming circle

  • Extended breathwork workshop - Release your triggers & set powerful intentions

  • Dinner circle - fabulous company & immersion into Coming home to our values

  • Guided evening Yoga Nidra sound journey - Be here now, restore, rejuvenate

  • Campfire circle - some cheeky drinks & marshmallows mixed with a magical fireside ritual

saturday - dive deeper both within & without

  • Silent morning meditation with singing bowls - Stillness & all its challenges & gifts

  • The power of your word - reflection through writing

  • Guided reflective walk to the salty water shoreline - Name all that is not you & let the waves wash it away

  • Extended breathwork workshop and flow into Yoga Nidra - Breathe into the life you want and release

  • Happy Hour - Rewiring & rewriting your story, with a drink in hand & fabulous company

sunday - embrace simplicity & gratefullness

  • Morning wellness ritual - Be your own healer - empowering self-healing techniques

  • Guided sound meditation with therapy-grade singing bowls - Taking ownership

  • Essential oils - powerful plant medicine for your home & body

  • Integrative breathwork & writing workshop - It’s all connected

  • Closing circle & group photo


What’s included?

  • Your accommodation in the transformative retreat center*

  • Delicious chef-prepared meals each day

  • Three days of workshops, sessions & activities

  • A goodie-bag with fabulous and nourishing products

    The investment: EUR 675 & a whole lot of love.

    Flexible payment options.

*Accommodation is for Friday & Saturday night in triple or 4-person rooms. Limited single/double options available with surcharge. We absolutely recommend bunking in together — it’s all part of the journey!
Meals are vegan or vegetarian, there may be some fish options possible. Included meals: Friday dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner; Sunday breakfast & lunch.

When we break through our own reluctance there are possibilities beyond what’s imagined. It starts with authenticity, courage, beliefs and of course taking the first steps.
— Elizabeth Rankich, RETREAT CO-CREATOR


Meet your facilitators

The saying is that “like attracts like”. So, if you’re reading this far down the page, chances are you’re independent, driven, creative & have a whole lot going on in both your outer & inner worlds. Sound about right?

This pretty much sums up Sarah & Elizabeth, in the broadest possible terms. Both have successful corporate careers behind them. Both consciously chose to create a more heartfelt style of business — one that values their esoteric & intuitive sides, as much as their ability to manage global campaigns & deal successfully with executives.

Very aptly, these two women from opposite sides of the world became friends during a retreat in Italy. With all single rooms booked out, the only remaining option was a double… but scepticism about sharing space turned into late night walks, talks into the early hours & an impromptu party on the terrace. So, while workshop content is important, immeasurable value exists in the connections to be made & heartfelt friendships to be forged.


Elizabeth Rankich

For me, it’s all about creating & holding space. Effortlessly, gracefully, generously. As an intuitive breathwork facilitator & sound healer, my clients are those ready to release limitations & forge ahead into higher awareness & deep personal insight.

I’ve trained with some of the most recognised breathwork healers in the world, including David Elliott, Dan Brulé & Anthony Abbagnano. I also offer sound healing therapy, during breathwork or as a standalone session.

Having worked in leadership positions within & for some of the biggest & respected companies in the world, my current passion is mentoring people, projects, startups & companies that champion human potential & positive change. I’m also a co-founder of Poster Family, a creative company where design, family & organisation intersect.

You can read more about Elizabeth on her website & LinkedIn profile. She is an American based in Copenhagen & the mother of two Danish-American children.

Elizabeth is compassionate, kind and intuitive in her work and guides you through the process of breathwork in such a way that surrender comes naturally. I loved my session with her.
— natalie, copehagen

Sarah Davies De Paola

I love the transitional & transformational periods of life. The sacred milestones of birth & death. The unexpected beauty in everyday moments which start off small yet end up being life-defining & heart-awakening.

At my holistic practice in Zürich, I offer tailored healing sessions consisting of sound therapy, breathwork & energetic balancing. I specialise in supporting mothers through pregnancy & beyond, & in leading group sound experiences & workshops.

Alongside my healing work, I run a communications consultancy & work as a Co-Active Coach. After 10+ years in senior communications roles for global financial institutions, I know in my bones that, CEO or entry-level graduate, we’re all just human & our hearts beat with the same needs & desires.

You can read more about Sarah on her website and LinkedIn profile. She is an Australian based in Zurich & has two small Swiss-Italian-Australian children.

Sarah is one of the most naturally gifted coaches I’ve ever worked with. She is intuitive, straightforward and encouraging in her approach, and always inspires me to take action. Sarah truly is a catalyst; she sees the path where others can’t and helps navigate perceived obstacles and roadblocks with grace and ease.
— Kristin Lohr, Founder of We are Soul Sparks, Chicago
There’s an ease & grace to life when we feel at home with ourselves, our bodies & our environment. Our passions thrive when we are grounded & owning all elements of ourselves.
— Sarah Davies De Paola, RETREAT CO-CREATOR



Magical Samsø island

Our retreat takes place at Mellem Rummet guesthouse on Samso Island. With a name meaning the space in between, the retreat centre itself is a source of transformative energy. Slip easily into deep reflection & connection amongst the harmonious framework of the guesthouse & its gardens.

Let the ferry trip over become a ritual in itself, as you breathe in the salty ocean air & the healing magic it offers. This is a location for embracing wellbeing, joy & creativity; the perfect place for nourishing your body, mind & spirit.

What we create is up to us. What will you create of this space?


From within Europe: From Copenhagen Airport it is a 1 hour 50 minute train ride to the ferry (Kalundborg Havn / SamsøFærgen).
From Copenhagen: Head to Kalundborg & then it’s a 90 minute ferry trip with SAMSØLINJEN. (For arrival on the Friday, please take the 8.50 AM departure; For departure on the Sunday, we recommend the 17.35PM for a relaxed afternoon).
From Jylland: A 60 minute ferry trip from Hou with Samsø Rederi. (On the Friday, please take the 9.30AM departure ferry to arrive on time; For departure on the Sunday, we recommend the 5PM for a relaxed afternoon).
Interested in ride-sharing? We’ll connect the community before the retreat even starts. Let the magic begin!

Mellem Rummet is the most beautiful and magical place... The scent of scrubbed wood floors and clean, white sheets are still with me...
— retreat guest, mellem rummet
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